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Prank calling Kate

My sister is probably the most gullible person in the world, like special olympics gullible. I have a plethora of animated voices I can do in order to enhance my prank calling experience, for example: russian mistress, chinese take out lady, english broad, and southern Shelia…just to name a few.
So the other night I found out how to call people on a cell phone from a google voice number.
I first called my best friend and said “insidious”… cause we saw the movie…and it was scary. I may have tinkled a little at certain spots.
Anyway, so I called Kate and the call went something like this…
“Hi there, can I please speak with a miss Kaitlyn Mikooooosh” (imagine a steel magnolia, big hat wearing, southern beauty voice.
“Uh this is her”
“Hi miss Mikoooooosh, this is Shelia calling from the Pittsburgh parking authority. How are you this evening?”
“Uh…I am ok”
“Well ma’am I am calling regarding about some unpaid parking tickets dating back to 2009.”
“What? I don’t have any tickets”
“Well Miss we sent out several notices in order to receive payment”
“Look if I would have gotten a ticket I would have paid it”
“According to my system here is shows with fines and fees you owe a total of $1500”
“Oh my god. I don’t have that kinda money. This is ridiculous, I never received anything.”
“Calm down Miss…let me see what I can do for you. Ok…ok…it says here I can completely take care of the total amount due if you can answer five lord of the rings trivia questions”
“Ashlie, you are such a fucker” and then a dial tone.

I am 26 and still prank phone calling people…fuck it, I am still hilarious.

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