I got drunk in a darkroom once

01 Apr


As anyone who has majored in photography or taken a photography class knows about the black and white darkroom, but those of you that don’t I’ll explain… it’s not exactly completely dark, but there is this orangish red light in there that resembles lighting of a 70s porn. There is a long sink with three tubs filled with chemistry (fyi you can make meth using the chemical combo of fixer…the more you know) that I swear smells like roast beef and a tub of water to develop your prints as well as these awkward things callled enlargers that burn your image from the negative to a piece of photo paper…I know trippy man.

So it was late November we had a final due very soon, class time never allowed enough time for me to master my horrible shots of trees…and more trees. So you could get a night pass to work through out the evening to get caught up. At this time I was going through a weird relationship with a classmate that was kinda ignoring me, so I thought fuck it… it’s time to get completely drunk. But, wait my tree pictures weren’t going to develop themselves so a friday my friends Kelly, Emily, and I got night passes.

Kelly and I decided we needed to walk to the liquor store on smithfield, we filled our cart with various alcoholic beverages. We stepped over some homeless men and walked back to gay dancing school.

We all drank and laughed, but if I recall I probably drank the most out of the three of us. I heard a noise and I swore jesus was at the door, soooo we prank called several people including the classmate I was semi seeing and talked to them about jesus.

Kelly and I took a bathroom break and saw some poor student taped his class registration for the following semester on a professors door. We took that bad boy and signed that gentleman up for several poli sci classes that took place at 1 a.m. wednesdays taught by jesus.

We called it quits at about two a.m., I was still smashed, but to be honest my trees never looked better.

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One response to “I got drunk in a darkroom once

  1. Sarah

    April 3, 2011 at 5:11 am

    Ha! I bought Henessey from that liquor store once with my ghetto black friend and we got trashed on the mon wharf before going back up to gay dancing school. We needed the liquor cuz our weed lady wasn’t there that day. Love that place haha.


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